Booking Terms and Conditions

All bookings done with Flying Explorers comes with special terms and conditions on every single booking and every single order. Our terms and conditions are as follows:

Cancellation by Agency

All bookings made with Flight Explorers are subject to cancellation at any time at the discretion of Flight Explorers. You will be notified of any cancellations or modifications. Cancellations and/or modifications may be the result of disagreements or cancellations from third party agencies that work in conjunction with Flight Explorers on any of its services. All cancellations will be followed by an appropriate refund and a chance to book again at another place or another trip with different specification to the same place.


Most trips all around the world happen to go through safely and without any negative incidents. However, there are a number of places all over the world that are not secure and are not deemed safe for international travelers. In such places, Flight Explorers holds no weight on the security issue and anything that may occur is the traveler’s own responsibility and not related to us. Safety depends on you and the local authorities and has no bearing on the services we provide or the ones any third party company related to use provides.


Any liabilities faced during the trip are not the responsibility of Flight Explorers. Liabilities include loss of assets, possessions or any bodily harm. These are responsibilities of the local authorities and the traveler’s and have no bearing on the services of Flight Explorers.


If you wish to modify your booking terms, you cannot do it once the booking is complete and all information regarding your trip is set. Flight Explorers will listen to no request for modification once any booking and all related and necessary paperwork has been completed and compiled.

Order Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your booking, you will be repaid the amount for the booking but the fee collected by the agency will not be returned. This also includes any payments made to third party agencies working with Flight Explorers on your behalf.

These terms and conditions apply to every single booking made using Flight Explorers services.

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