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The details provided below happens to be our policy concerned with the use of cookies and we ensure that cookies shall never be used for any other purpose whatsoever. If our cookie policy is ever revised, you will be the first person to know about it.

About this Policy

In line with privacy policy and terms of service, our cookie policy has to do with how we use cookies and all related online technologies on our website. This policy can be revised based on new laws and other events. Each revision will be uploaded immediately and Flight Explorers will immediately notify you about any changed we make.

What Are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that happen to be stored on your device at the request of a website via the browser. The cookies exist to store information on your computer based on how you interact with the website and/or related applications. Cookies can be either temporary or permanent, with the former disappearing once your contact with the website comes to an end. The latter vanishes after a certain period of time passes between you using the website again.

How Do We Use Cookies

Flight Explorers uses cookies to enhance its service. We use them to personalise any services and optimize their delivery as well. Moreover, we also use cookies for advertisement and marketing purposes. Another way of using cookies for Flight Explorers happens to be analysing your interaction with our services and how you use them. The data collected thus allows us to understand the way you interact with our services and check for any negative aspects if they exist.

Flight Explorers uses cookies to enhance user experience while also optimizing all of the services it has on the application and improving them based on the data collected by the client. Most of Flight Explorers’ cookies are immediately deleted once the client stops interacting with the website. The permanent cookies we use happen to stay on your computer in order to inform us concerning any multiple visits. It is a method for our applications and website to recognise you again after some time. These permanent cookies disappear from your computer once 2 years pass since your last visit.

How to Block the Cookies

You can block cookies in two different ways:

Turning off Browser Cookie Settings

The first method has to do with simply turning off all cookies you might experience in your browser. This setting will immediately block all future cookies and will ensure that you have no cookies downloading on your device. However, doing so might limit your experience on certain websites that are based on around cookie usage, such as Flight Explorers to a certain extent.

Turn off Cookies for Advertising

If you wish to simply turn off cookies for advertisements, you can use a third party extension for your browser that blocks advertisements on all websites. Doing so will help you get rid of all advertisements and related cookies but will also hurt websites that are based on advertising.

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