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Fly Now Pay Later

One of Flight Explorer’s unique offers happens to be Fly Now Pay Later. It is a personalized payment solution that aims to bring easy and effective payment methods to you. Methods that are designed to make you feel at ease and keep your wallet feel at ease as well.

What is Fly Now Pay Later

Our Fly Now Pay Later offer is essentially a process where you book your flight using Flight Explorers and pay later while using methods provided by Flight Explorers. You do not need to simply pay everything upfront. Instead, you can spread the cost using Flight Explorers and pay at different stages of your trip to ensure that you are not troubled with paying a huge amount at any time.

What You Need for Fly Now Pay Later

These are the requirements you must fulfill for Fly Now Pay Later:

You need to be of Age

You need to be eighteen years or above to use Fly Now Pay Later. Your identification will be processed and verified obviously, so you do not need to worry about looking too young. Being of age is necessary for Fly Now Pay Later, since we need to see that you are a responsible adult who can bear the responsibility of paying in installments or stages.

Have to be a UK Resident

You need to be a resident of the United Kingdom to use Fly Now Pay Later. Your residency will be verified as well. You need to reside in the UK since Flight Explorers is based out of the country and can only deal with individuals living in the UK in a matter such as this. This includes any legal proceedings that might be needed later if payments are not made in full or on time.

Have a Mobile Phone

You need to have a working mobile number that is registered in the UK in order to apply for Fly Now Pay Later. We need to contact you about your payments and all other related aspects to Fly Now Pay Later, meaning we need to be able to locate you in the UK at any time. Hence, a UK mobile number is necessary for you to apply for Fly Now Pay Later.

Have a Debit Card

You need to have a UK debit card in order to pay for Fly Now Pay Later. Therefore you also need one to apply for it. Flight Explorers needs debit card information in order to charge you for the installments at the significant times. Hence your debit card information is necessary for Fly Now Pay Later.

If you happen to fill all the check boxes, you are applicable for Fly Now Pay Later. It’s an offer you cannot find at any other agency and one you need to make the most out of. Fly Now Pay Later aims to make you explore the entire world at your own terms. You’re in control when it comes to the location and when it comes to the money.

Simply buy flights now and pay later!

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