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You can trust us with your personal information as we do not use it for any other means than to help you. Since transparency is a key policy for us, whatever we do with your information is always known to you.


The personal information we do collect from your consent is secured with the best firewalls and online security systems available. The chances of us getting hacked and our data breached are minimal. Flight Explorers respects the integrity of your personal information and keeps it secure as our personal commodity.


The people in control of your personal information ultimately happen to be you yourselves. You can regulate what you would like to share with us and what you would not. It is your choice to choose whatever you believe you can trust us with.

About this Policy

Privacy policy goes in tandem with our Cookie Policy and our Terms of Service as the information you need to know concerning how we work. Privacy Policy is concerned with the details you need to know about how we deal with the personal information you share whilst using Flight Explorers. It is revised from time to time with new laws and events and you are notified of each revision.

More About Privacy Policy

You must hear the term “personal information” a lot on the internet. Personal information, as it is termed, is the personal data you happen to share with a website as you interact with. This includes data such as name, age, height, ethnicity, email address and more. The personal information shared is often stored on the website and often includes the IP addresses of your computer.

The personal data from clients that Flight Explorers happens to store is your IP address, device information, contact details, name, cookie strings, and trip itinerary. Moreover, each website has its own privacy policy. Hence, if you are using another website in conjunction with ours, the personal data they might store is probably going to be different from what we store since each website stores personal data based on their own privacy policy.

Why Do We Need Your Personal Data

Flight Explorers collects your personal data based on your consent. Your personal information is necessary for us to perform the basic activities that our business runs in. Locating flights for you in the areas you would like means we need to collect data to make those specific searches. Moreover, in order to book a flight for you, we need to have your name and data to keep a record.

Collecting your personal information is also a way for us to improve our business. By collecting data based on your activity on the website and how you interact with it, we can judge any weaknesses in it based on any hurdles or disturbances you might face. By judging how our customers interact with us, we can work on improving Flight Explorers to make that interaction smoother and better.

Furthermore, we also collect your personal information to further our own business prospects. By having your personal data, we can offer you the latest deals and services as we introduce them. Your personal information makes it easier for us to market them to you.
How We Use Your Personal Information

The main activity we perform with your personal information happens to be locating flights and booking them for the areas you want to travel to. We use the information for your use and benefit. We use it to book your flight directly or through a travel supplier if one is needed. Your personal information is the most important data for us to perform the necessary tasks and promises we hope to deliver for you.

Moreover, we also use your personal information for improving our business and for promoting it. Having your contact details means we can alert you immediately in case we have some great deals on the horizon or new services. It becomes an effective method for us to contact our existing customers as quickly and efficiently. Having knowledge of any obstacles you might face while using Flight Explorers or any disturbances you had to endure allows us to make Flight Explorers a better business and website for you to use.

What Data Do We Collect

Since personal data is integral to the activities and tasks performed by Flight Explorers, we collect as much as we need. That being said, no information beyond what is necessary is collected from clients.

The Information You Give

The most basic information we store happens to be the one that you give us. This includes the necessary information required to perform bookings and searching for flights. The information includes the dates that pass during your trip, the places or places you wish to go, and the normal contact details. Contact details include name, phone number, credit and/or debit cards, email addresses, along with any document or photograph you need to upload. However, this information that you share is entirely up to your own choosing and you have to give it to us if you wish to.

Automatically Collected Data

There is some data that we do collect automatically and without you voluntarily allowing it. This includes the IP address of your computer, the device description, and information concerning the browser that you used to visit Flight Explorers. Moreover, we also collect data on all the bookings you have made using Flight Explorers and the details concerning it. We can also track your location using the IP address we collected before, and the device data as well. More information collected automatically includes the URL of the website you found Flight Explorers through and the third-party websites you visit through Flight Explorers. This information helps us improve our website, check analytics, and improve the experience for our visitors.

Collection Via Third Parties

Moreover, we also collect data from third-party websites. If you ever happen to visit Flight Explorers from another website or happen to log in to Flight Explorers via a social media account, we utilize the information you have stored on that particular account or website in order to build up a profile on our new visitor. This information is used to check the website’s reach and also the way people happen to use our services. The latter is knowledge we require to market our services.

Flight Explorers and all of its services have not been designed for use by children of 13 and under. We do not promote the use of Flight Explorers by children 13 and under unless they do so with a guardian’s supervision. We understand the loss of data a single mistake can make and how it can affect our relationships with our clients. To make sure nothing like that happens, kindly keep children away from Flight Explorers.

How Long Do We Keep Your Data

Your data, collected, by various means, is kept in our databases as long as we require it, or have to keep it stored for legal purposes. Once the data has fulfilled its purpose, we will either discard and delete it or anonymise it. Moreover, if we do not have any legal reason to keep your data, we will do the same. All of the data we collect has various uses and importance for us, and the amount of time we store it also depends on the importance and value the data has. Our retention policy is based on how long we need the data and how long we are legally obligated to possess it. Once the need for it vanishes and there happens to be no legal obligation, the data is wiped clean. We take no risks when it comes to your personal data and all steps taken are to ensure that the data can never be traced to you.

When is Your Data Provided to Third Parties

We do offer personal data to third parties but do so only when it is needed and you allow us to. Typically, the data is given to third party companies like airlines and hotels that happen to be related to the trip you’re about to go on. Such companies, once you book then via Flight Explorers, collect your data based on their own privacy policies. Hence, not all of your data collected on Flight Explorers is forwarded to them.

Moreover, some companies that happen to advertise using Flight Explorers and its services will also collect your data from time to time. Another avenue for your data collection is the services Flight Explorers hires for your benefit and for your use. The companies that help us implement our services and deliver them need your data to do so, and they get it from Flight Explorers.

How Do We Keep Your Data Secure?

Data stored digitally always has a chance of being breached, stolen and/or leaked. There is no such thing as completely secure digital data. However, Flight Explorers has taken measures to ensure that your data stays as secure as possible. The data collected from you is normally exposed to just the employees of Flight Explorers and trusted third parties that are needed to ensure a fantastic service for you. Moreover, no data is allowed to travel in channels beyond those needed and beyond the ones we can supervise and have supervised at our behest.

Furthermore, Flight Explorers also uses a firewall and online security programme at every single aspect of our website and our database. We utilise the very best technology currently available in the market to ensure that you get the very best security and that your personal data has the very best security as well. Our firewalls are capable of ignoring and getting rid of most viruses and harmful programs that may end up causing harm to your data. In essence, Flight Explorers ensures near perfect security and protection to your personal data and also makes sure of its integrity.

Where is Your Data Stored

To ensure maximum protection, we have your data stored in servers located all over the world. These servers are spread out along multiple continents and are not cluttered in any one area. The servers are hosted by third parties that are of respectable repute and people who we can trust with something as sensitive and as important as your data.

Since the servers are subject to privacy and data laws based on the rules of the country, we ensure the maximum safety and security available for your data in those particular countries. Your data matters above anything else and we keep it safe with the best resources available in any market all over the world.

What Ads Will You See

Your personal information is also used to show you ads on both Flight Explorers and ads of Flight Explorers on other websites that you visit. The ads only use basic data such as city name and at most the name of the airport in the city. Personal contact details such as name and address are never provided to third-party ad solutions and only the very minute details are revealed in order for Flight Explorers to advertise and earn through third-party advertising.

Do We Use Cookies

Flight Explorers does make the use of cookies for the chance to gain information concerning your use of the internet and your interaction with Flight Explorers itself. Our cookie policy can be found here Cookie Policy

Your Choices and Rights

You have a complete right to all the personal information that is stored on Flight Explorers and you have a choice as to what you would like to be stored and what not. Using your Flight Explorers account, you have complete access to the personal data you have stored here and are given full right to edit it or delete it as you see fit. Moreover, you can also regulate your subscription and marketing preferences.

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